SEOUL SEARCH: Gudetama x Holika Holika Lazy & Joy Egg Bun Puff

SEOUL SEARCH is a series in which I discuss my favorite discoveries from – ya guessed it – Seoul! My time in Seoul is constantly inspiring me in terms of beauty, fashion, and overall style. Here, I express my love for the super-cheap, incredibly effective beauty sponge that has become my lifelong fave.

It’s an absolute understatement to say that I love Gudetama. He is crazy cute. Whenever I go into a Hot Topic, character store, or browsing phone cases, I am quite literally on the verge of the tears looking at him.

When he tucks himself in with bacon?!






Please. It’s too much.


Gudetama socks from Gangnam station


Needless to say, I was in absolute heaven when I entered the Holika Holika store in Myeongdong. Full displays of my precious man filled the store, along with corresponding products to promote the Lazy & Easy collection. My boy getting his promo!

Because I was too excited to take a picture, this is courtesy of Trip Advisor


The overall theme of the collection are products that are easy to use for lazy days. All-in-one skincare, easy to blend blushers, lip tints, you name it. What reigned supreme, however, was the ₩3,000 marvel known as the LAZY & JOY EGG BUN PUFF.

Brand new, unused baby


I’ll be totally honest when I say I only bought this because 1) it was the cheapest Gudetama-themed product in the store 2) LOOK AT HOW CUTE IT IS.

I didn’t even use it while I was in Seoul, actually; I wasn’t expecting much from it. I never really strayed away from my Beauty Blender, and I was super inspired to continue using my cushion puffs after viewing countless beautifully-done demonstrations on roadshop screens. I kept it next to my makeshift vanity compiled of a dining room table, stacked, thick travel guides to hold up one of many mini hand mirrors, and wine glasses (provided by the BNB owner) to hold my brushes.

On one of the more relaxed days of my trip, I decided to play. I figured I should treat it like a Beauty Blender – wet the sponge, squeeze the excess water out, and go to town.

What I love most about this sponge is that it gets MASSIVE. It’s already fairly large when dry – I figured that was because of its cheap price point, it was compensating for the fact that it couldn’t absorb and grow as much as a higher-end sponge. Yeah, no. It does, and even more so:

“Don’t talk to me or my son ever again”


Another A++++++++++ quality of this sponge is that it’s basically the same texture, consistency, and size of a cushion puff. I’m STOKED on this, mainly because as much as I love a good cushion puff, the little strap is so cumbersome to use. Maybe that’s dramatic, but it’s really annoying to have your puff slipping and sliding while you’re just trying to apply some product.


Left: cushion puff / Right: sponge. Basically the same size + the effect of a wet sponge + the effect of a pretty cushion puff = holy grail. I love math!


It’s a moot point considering I only use the sponge for liquid foundations, but the little crevice (his waist?) is super ergonomical and comfortable to use. Getting the same airbrushed finish as a puff without risking my wrist falling off? Sounds like a deal to me!


Bottom line: since discovering this dude, I haven’t used a Beauty Blender. Well, except for once, when I was gifted one by the company and thought I’d appreciate the effect just as much as before (spoiler: I really didn’t… it’s too soft, doesn’t get nearly as big, and takes forever to blend compared to the Gudetama. Oh, and did I mention it’s 10x the price? No thanks!). The ergonomical design makes a huge difference in application and general wrist pain, which is a game changer in itself.


Converted, the sponge is $2.50 USD in Korea. However, for just one more dollar, you can snag one from the following retailers:


Let me know: have you tried this? What are your favorite ways to apply base makeups?


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