100 Days of Makeup – Day 1 (Memebox, Romand, Clio, Holika Holika, Banila Co., AprilSkin, Etude House)

Alongside my participation in the #100DaysofMakeup comes another challenge – 100 days of blogging. My goal for this project is to be able to think outside-the-box in terms of what an “everyday” look can be, as well as pump out tons of reviews for you guys. Let’s do this!


I’m really excited to begin this journey, especially with the upcoming months getting cooler (foundation during Southern California summers… no thanks) and so many products to play with.


Today was a fairly easy day – class and a meeting. What that means is I get to sit in air conditioned rooms, all day, in AUGUST. This is a major benefit to my makeup game, considering I’m able to layer and use more products than the average summer day (in which I just throw on a cushion + brows).

For today’s look, I just picked products that were visually appealing to me at the moment. Nothing too complex, but enough layering and blending to be considered a full face of makeup. I also went a bit easy on myself, selecting products I have enough experience in that I won’t feel terribly challenged and get discouraged for the upcoming 99 days.


Screen Shot 2017-08-28 at 3.00.36 PM.png

With a fancy camera and everything, ooo!



This is, easily, my all-time favorite primer. It does absolutely everything I’d want in separate primers combined into one. It really, truly blurs the skin and diffuses the appearance of my pores a wild amount, so much so that I really can’t be bothered using any other pore-filling primer with the traditional silicone-y texture that most of them have. Pore-fessional, who? I truly do not know her.


A small, magical potion

Another lovely quality of this primer is that it brings a really pretty, luminescent glow to the skin, giving me a translucent-like appearance. You wouldn’t think a glowing primer would hide pores, too, but that’s exactly why this is a little bottle of magic. The slight (!!!SLIGHT!!!) blue tinge brings out the baby pink in my skin and makes me feel super dolly – extra, but whatever. It’s really good.


Base: APRILSKIN Magic Snow Cushion (Shade 22)


When you desperately wanted the pink compact but it was matte finish *shudders*

Before I start this review, I’m stating the biggest con: the shade range is absolutely pathetic. I’m the second shade of this product and I’m too light for MAC foundations. I’m the SECOND SHADE of this product and I can’t find a single foundation light enough for me at the drugstore – the ENTIRE DRUGSTORE. Even worse – there are only 3 shades of this product. One of my biggest gripes with Korean beauty is that the skintones hardly cater to even fairer-skinned Korean’s shades. If you have even a slight tinge of melanin to your skin, this is not the cushion for you (there’s a great article on K-Beauty for deeper skin tones here).

If you’re see-through, you may want to give this cushion a shot. It provides really beautiful, natural coverage with just a bit of product. I love the additional sun protection it gives – SPF 50+ PA+++ with zero flashback.


Contour: MEMEBOX I’m Multi Stick Shading


This is really nice! I can’t really state anything negative in my review of this, so I’ll just state what I absolutely adore: the texture. I’ve never really experienced a stick that had such a gel-like consistency. It makes the entire process so much less tedious. It blends like an absolute dream, preventing that 5-o’clock-shadow realness that I always seem to obtain whenever I try to go full glam.

I also love the color. It somehow manages to be the perfect blend of greige + beachy tan? Is that weird? Is that possible? Color theorists, please @ me.


Blush: HOLIKA HOLIKA x Gudetama Lazy&Easy Jelly Dough Blusher

First off, I AM SO EXCITED THAT THIS IS BEING SOLD AT CVS. My (very normal, very healthy) relationship with CVS and their beauty section is unrivaled with any other drugstore. I LOVE HER.

Oh, and you already know I’m obsessed with this precious packaging:



Anyway, this is SUCH a nice blush; it blends so beautifully and has a really lovely texture – not quite creme, not quite gel. I love the cushion it comes with & my preferred color (Plum Pink) is the exact color of my pinkie undertones. I had purchased this in Myeongdong and ended up exclusively using this the rest of my trip.

As positively cringey as it sounds, it’s really easy to layer over powders as it is with liquids and cremes. The blendability is so stunning. It literally just melts.


Eyeshadow: CLIO Gelpresso Waterproof Shadow


Look: I own three of these. As much as I love the budgeproof nature of these puppies, something always throws me off about Shade 01 – Beer Pong.


Beer, cups, balls, eyeshadow, uhhhh

When first applied, it’s dreamy. It’s a gorgeous, subtle gold with small reflective sparkles that manage to look foiled without making my hooded, crepe-y lids look crunchy.

A few hours later, though? Ugh, I just don’t know. The shadow is still there, the sparkle remains. But – for some weird reason – it gets… dark? I have no idea how to explain this. Truly so, so weird. I notice my crease area looking darker and my shadow looking 2-3 shades duller. Is it oxidation? It isn’t orange, so I’m not sure. Either way, as much as I try this one out, it just doesn’t do it for me.

It doesn’t negate the wonderful quality of the other two shades I own, though – 02 Moving Loving & 06 In The Dark are absolutely stunning.
eyeshadow B


Mascara: ETUDE HOUSE Lash Perm Curl Fix Mascara

Disclaimer: if you hate feeling your lashes all day, skip this review. You’ll absolutely hate this.


HOWEVER, IF YOU’RE WILLING TO GIVE THIS A CHANCE: YOU WILL LOVE THIS. This is easily the best mascara I have ever tried. Like… ever. E. V. E. R.

Here’s the thing. This is a heavy ass mascara. It’s thick. That’s only because it’s a whole ‘lotta payoff for such little product. I literally wipe the wand nearly clean before applying it – it’s really thick, but really gorgeous. I’m able to create so many lash looks with just one product! The wand separates my lashes SO nicely and has the ability to fan out my outer lashes without smearing mascara all over the top of my lid hood, which is super rare when I use curved wands. It’s a bit heavier than a traditional mascara, but still super lightweight in comparison to falsies.


Lips: ROMAND Juicy Lasting Tint


Oh, the perks of being in the K-Beauty Squad. I was gifted these by W2Beauty and boy, am I glad. I’m not typically a tint girl – I usually just opt for a blurred-out lipstick to give the same effect – but these are seriously special.

First off: the staying power. I know tints are supposed to stay on all day, but these don’t even kind of come off. Despite its strength, it wipes off just fine with a traditional makeup remover.

Second: the scent. I know that shouldn’t matter, but let’s be real – it does. There’s nothing worse than a too-perfumey, too-rosey scent coming off of your lipstick. Fortunately, ROMAND managed to find a way to add just enough fragrance to make me swoon – without resulting in a massive fragrance-headache. My personal favorite is the one I am photographed in, Summer Scent.

Lastly, and most definitely not least? In fact, the absolute most important part of these? They’re SHINY. For me, that’s the ultimate selling point. I am a glossy lip fiend; even when the world only knew matte liquid lips, I was slathering on the gloss. There’s nothing quite like a glossy pout, and with the crazy staying power of these tints, I really don’t have to worry about the constant re-application I’d usually encounter with traditional glosses.



And there we have it – 1 Day down, 99 to go. What are some of your makeup go-to’s? Also, please give me recommendations on products to try, as I have 100 whole days to play & review for you all.

See you tomorrow!



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