This $10 Treatment Hair Color Promised Me K-Pop Hair; Here’s What Happened (Etude House)

As a member of the K-Beauty Squad, I get to try a lot of really cool, undiscovered gems. This time, I got to try out Etude House’s Two Tone Treatment Hair Color. I had no idea Etude even made hair color, which got me pumped.

Etude House promises the use of this product will result in “K-Pop Star” hair. If you know me, you know my celebrity crush – Kim “I Literally Refuse to Call Him Rap Monster” Namjoon of BTS:




My favorite hairstyle of his – although wildly unpopular – is a teal caesar-cut he had while promoting “FIRE”. When I was assigned to review the FOREST GREEN color, I thought of it instantly, and got really, really excited.

Do not come for me, this is a LOOK and I refuse to hear otherwise


You can read all about my experiences with this hair treatment here! Let me know your favorite K-Pop hair styles in the comments so I can get inspired ✿♥‿♥✿

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