Alongside my participation in the #100DaysofMakeup comes another challenge – 100 days of blogging. My goal for this project is to be able to think outside-the-box in terms of what an “everyday” look can be, as well as pump out tons of reviews for you guys. Let’s do this!

Day 4 and I had just watched HyunA’s “Babe” MV. Safe to say I was inspired.

I ADORE HyunA. She’s one of the few artists whose entire discography I fully enjoy. Other than that, she’s one of my top style and beauty icons. It’s hard to think of a makeup look of hers I don’t love.

After watching the “Babe” MV, I fell in love with her simple-yet-striking looks. She always rocks a bold lip, but her primary-colored eye makeup sold me completely. I wanted to recreate her yellow eyeshadow, but since I had worn red lipstick the other day, I wanted to bring some variety. So, I opted for the red shadow with magenta lipstick:


Disclaimer: I’m not going to look as ethereal as this.


Here’s my recreation, humanlike skin, eye wrinkles and all:

Screen Shot 2017-09-03 at 8.49.34 PM.png

Let’s get started with the products:


Base: TONYMOLY FaceTone Skin Tint SPF30 PA++

This. is. THE. foundation. Wow, this stuff is incredible. I wasn’t expecting to like this, actually. My hopes were extremely low due to the fact that it was only $14 and my experiences with lower-end foundations always end up with heinous breakouts. Boy, was I wrong. This literally looks like SKIN. My skin, but better. My skin, but beautiful! This is the only liquid foundation where I feel safe not applying setting powder.


My only gripe with this is the weird paddle applicator – why do brands do this? It literally NEVER HELPS WITH APPLICATION.

Regardless, though, I love this foundation. I aim for it constantly, it’s so good.


Concealer – ARITAUM Full Cover Liquid Concealer



I am so on the fence about this one. Given that it’s under $10, I feel like I have to be a little less aggressive in reviewing this. However, I’ve met my fair share of cheap, incredible concealers, so I have to be fair.

For starters, I would NOT use this under the eyes. It’s not terribly drying, but I find it seeping into my wrinkles, even without a powder. The coverage is great, but doesn’t last too long; I notice it fading away within an hour or two.


Highlighter: PAUL & JOE BEAUTE Powder Blush in 01 Secret D’Or

I don’t know why this is considered a blush. This wouldn’t be flattering on any skin tone as a blusher, but as a highlight? OH, MAN.



It’s one of those gorgeous, wet-looking highlighters that I adore so much. It can be applied concentrated on the high points of the face, or dusted everywhere for a glowing effect. I’m so close to hitting pan on this and I’m kind of worried. I use this so, so often.


Eyeshadow: PONY EFFECT Master Eye Palette in PASTEL

Is there anything Pony Effect can’t do? Literally every product in this line is so flawless.



This is a pastel-colored palette, meaning it isn’t supposed to be mega-saturated in color. It gives such a stunning, dreamy effect to the eyes – think Britney Spears, late-90’s shimmer. It’s the perfect one-color-and-go formula for when I’m in a hurry, or want to keep my eye look muted, yet powerful.

I can see why some wouldn’t be a fan of this, however; in a world of stunning, buttery, super-pigmented cut creases and smokey eyes, this could seem like a flop of a palette. Once you get used to the sheer washes of color, though, you’ll be hooked.


Mascara: Maybelline Magnum BARBIE Mascara


This is such a pretty mascara! It basically fulfills all my needs: fans out my lashes + straightens my super-curly outer lashes, stays all day, doesn’t flake or smudge. We all know I only bought this because it’s Barbie, but it ended up being a wonderful product.

I think this is an Asia exclusive. I’m not positive, but I got this in Gangnam; whenever I look this up it’s only available in Singapore, Indonesia, etc. So, to my international, non-Asia readers – I provided an Amazon link in hopes that you can receive one, too!


Hairline: ETUDE HOUSE Photo Hair Liner


I originally reviewed this on W2Beauty:

“In terms of hair, I’m a natural blonde who was less than blessed in the thickness department. Actually, I’m kind of surprised that I had never tried hairline makeup, as my hair is one of my biggest insecurities. As a bottle brunette, things can look kind of wild when my roots aren’t touched up; pair that with my pale skin, and I can be serving some true receding hairline realness.

With this little guy, though, I can get away with not going to the salon every four weeks, which for me, is major. This was a total game changer during my travels; it created shadows that perfectly mimicked hair, blending my roots in with the rest of my tresses and boosting my confidence about 1,000%. The blending sponge is really effective in blending the product without smearing it — think of a beauty puff for your scalp. While you’re at it, think of this product as a total lifesaver.”


Lips: MAMONDE True Color Lip Stick

This is nice! Not bad, but not excellent. I do like that it provides a bit of moisture with an almost-matte effect.


It’s not too long-lasting, but it does last around 3 hours before I need to reapply, which is fine for me.


Day 4 finished! Talk soon! Xo

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