Back to School Beauty – What to Bring, What to Avoid

Getting ready in the morning – or even before your 2pm – can be an a b s o l u t e drag. With the lack of sleep millennial students experience as it is, the last thing most of us want to do is put on a full face. Still, the desire to look and feel good remains, regardless of the amount of time – or lack thereof – we have. Here, my tips & tricks on making the most of your classtime lewks:

Cushion Crash-Course

Real talk? No liquid foundation is going to last you a full day. Sure, re-application is always an option, but who is really going to pop out a beauty blender/full-blown fluffy brush in what’s already a crowded, nasty restroom?


Because of this, the best route will always be cushion foundations. They’re compact, come in loads of coverage options, and are quick and easy to re-apply. This goes for blush, too; I love a good cushion formula because they’re unbelievably easy to blend, making it a smart option for on-the-go.


TOP L-R: The Faceshop Oil Control Water Cushion ($29), The Faceshop Ultra Moist CC Cushion ($29) x 2
BOTTOM L-R: Holika Holika Lazy & Easy Jelly Dough Blusher ($6.76), Missha Tension Blusher ($15)


Ditch the brushes and rejoice in the beauty that is a cushion puff.

Time-Saving Tinting

You’re going to thank me for this.

EYEBROW TINTING WILL CHANGE YOUR MAKEUP GAME FOREVER. I don’t know why it’s stayed such a niche for so long, but tinting is peak quick makeup – you always look done up, and the dreaded brow-filling experience is exponentially shortened.

It’s the perfect solution for those who prefer to go au-naturel, but still want to look presentable past their joggers and top knot – there’s just something so clean about having your brows filled in when you don’t have makeup on.


WunderBrow ($22)


Should you want to fill them up a bit more, a tinted brow gel should do the trick.


Too Cool For School Glam Rock Urban Brow ($13.39)


Balm-ccalaureate (I Tried)

My perpetual lip-biting habit mixed with my uncontrollably dry lips (thanks, cold brew!) calls for a chapped, fairly-effed situation. My main concern at school is keeping my lips hydrated, but I still want a pop of color so I can feel a bit more done up. I love pH-transforming lip balms; although not as magical as their marketing claims them to be, they give my pout enough oomf  to make me look presentable enough for surprise meetings with industry professionals or final presentations in which your extra-as-hell professor expects you to “dress the part”.


Paul & Joe Beaute Treatment Lipstick, ($15)

Full-time Misting

When you’re tired, your skin gets tired. It gets dry, oily – whatever vice your particular skin type harbors, it accelerates when you’re under any type of stress.

A facial mist may just change your life; not only will it become a near-addicting habit (I go through a bottle a month), but it’ll assist in keeping your skin under control throughout the day. There are thousands of facial mists out there, so you’re bound to find one that’ll fit your skin type, needs, and budget.

Screen Shot 2017-09-06 at 10.30.45 PM.png

Benton Honest TT Mist ($10)


If you feel so inclined, top these steps with your favorite mascara (preferably waterproof if you have an 8 AM – you know those tears are coming).


What are your favorite school looks? How do you consolidate your makeup routine?


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