Australian Beauty is a Thing, and it’s Good as Hell

Yes, this is primarily a Korean beauty blog. Too bad!

While my bias for K-Beauty still remains, I just can’t put down these amazing finds from my trip to Australia, more specifically Sydney and Melbourne. As two of Australia’s largest shopping meccas, I knew I was in for a treat; what I didn’t know, though, was just how many homegrown products were about to enter my top shelf on my vanity back home.

One thing you may notice about Australian shopping are the pricing differences. I was pretty shocked to see that chemist (the Australian term for drugstore – I hope my Aussie pals are proud of me for this one! Do they still say ‘drugstore’? I know nothing.) pricing can range up to $60 AUD, and that the typically-$5 Revlon lipsticks were going for $30 at department stores. Due to its far-from-literally-everything-else-on-Earth location and just-in-case need for overstock, Australian retailers are almost forced to raise their prices an exorbitant amount to make do. I won’t say “it’s that damn capitalism”, but I will write it: IT’S THAT DAMN CAPITALISM.

Anyway, here are my fave finds from down under, in no particular order:


MECCA MAXIMA Light Brightening Concealer


MECCA, basically another Sephora but with lots more fragrances, has a house brand with some pretty badass, beach-babey makeup. My personal fave of the collection was this lil’ concealer pen – like the YSL one, but better. It conceals, brightens, and is easy to blend despite the thicker texture. Even better, it doesn’t require any sort of setting, making it an ideal “second skin” product. My favorite way to apply is to create the lil’ triangle under my eyes and blend with my ring finger (or the pointy edge of a sponge if I’m wearing acrylics).


INNOXA Velvet Blush Duo

Screen Shot 2017-09-08 at 5.10.11 PM.png


What a pretty, pretty blush! Truly, I have no room to be buying any more orange or pink blushes, but this duo was seriously worth it. Mega-soft, crazy blendable, and perfect for applying blush to the cheeks, eyes, and chin, how I often do:


Screen Shot 2017-09-14 at 11.48.36 AM

Go off, me!


Anyway, I like to apply this with a dome-shaped, fluffy brush and go hard all over my face. It gives a pretty, natural flush that I adore. Aside from that, the texture is probably my all-time favorite in terms of powder blushers. It is SO SOFT. Baby soft.  They aren’t lying when they call this velvet.


ESSANO Rosehip Oil



OK. This is some good shit. Drench my entire body in this. Drown me in this.

Seriously, I don’t think I have another oil I can even kind of compare to this one. Have a pimple? ESSANO ROSEHIP OIL. Have a wrinkle that doesn’t seem to respond to any of your skincare? ESSANO ROSEHIP OIL. Dry and dusty? ESSANO ROSEHIP OIL.

I’ve tried it all: maracuja, olive, argan; nothing holds up to this. It’s so, so good. Soft, lightweight, effective. I put it on alone, I put it in foundation, I put it in my hair. It’s my girlfriend, and we are in love.

OH: the fragrance of this is a bit… savory? I guess that’s how you can explain it? I’m not sure, but it’s kind of a good-cooked-food smell. Not something I’m looking for in a beauty fragrance, but it’s yummy… to me.


AUSTRALIS Fresh & Flawless Pressed Powder


I’ll be real and say I only put this in my cart because of the rave reviews Michael Finch has given this. Clearly, our makeup styles are obviously WILDLY different; still, I can appreciate artistry and knowledge when I see it, and I am all for taking his word on what works. While I’m not too keen on buying things based on influencer suggestion, I knew this would be one of my selections when entering Priceline.

Boy, was I glad I selected it. This is, by far, the BEST pressed powder I have ever used. I am a drama queen when it comes to powders – I’ve spent $3, $40, $100 on pressed powders to absolutely no avail – something about them just never sat quite right with me. They were either too patchy, too pink, too… not good.

I don’t know what Australis did, but they did it right. I literally look airbrushed when I wear this. Not only does it provide a light coverage upon first application, it is quite buildable. My foundation doesn’t move underneath it, and I don’t look crusty. Overall, an excellent product.


LIPSTICK QUEEN Black Lace Rabbit Lipstick



I hate gimmicky makeup, and Lipstick Queen seems to be full of it. Still, I wanted to give this pretty shade a try – at best, it could be the black, glittery shade of my goth girl dreams. At worst, it could be literally clear, with zero pigment or effect on my lips at all.

What this was, however, was a really pretty darkening shade that muted many of my too-loud lipsticks. The glitter is subtle and adds an additional gloss rather than shimmer. It didn’t add a crazy black overlay, rather it toned down whatever base color I applied it over. I still don’t think it’s worth purchasing solely for that reason, but its usefulness in my everyday makeups pleasantly surprised me, and I still use it whenever I want a more subtle look.

I miss Australia like hell, and definitely plan on going again to discover more gems. Does Mecca have a BNB?

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