What’s Inspiring Me Right Now – ’06 CHANEL

Before my love for beauty was my love for fashion and design, and I truly believe I wouldn’t be as compelled by beauty had it not been for the fashion industry.

Growing up, I was absolutely enamored by all things designer. During my time at my grandparents’ in Mexico I was absolutely glued to the computer, watching runways, saving photos of models, and joining MySpace groups centered by couture, supermodels, and the designers who clothed them. I asked my abuela, an incredible seamstress, to create dupes of the latest runway looks that were probably not too wearable for an 8-year-old (my personal favorite was a teal pencil skirt styled after a Louis Vuitton design), and she gladly complied. My schoolbooks were vandalized with CC’s as I daydreamed of one day visiting fashion houses as a career. Everything I did, I centered around runway. I memorized every look, every model, everything.

I still consider fashion to be one of my biggest inspirations in my beauty career. Even if I wasn’t particularly interested in the makeups back in the day, I still have models’ faces memorized to a T – how their eyes were done, what lip colors were used, and how it complimented the line they were showcasing as a whole. While the ~*early 2000’s*~ is slowly becoming trendy amongst millennials, I really do feel a strong connection to the looks – clothing or otherwise – that complimented my favorite models.

Currently, I’ve been nostalgic over Chanel’s 2006 runway looks – more specifically S/S Couture and RTW. When I think Chanel, I think of these particular models and shots. While remaining true to the brand’s classic tailored, black, tomboy vibe, Lagerfeld managed to ingrain this particular season into my memory when implementing soft, youthful femininity into the mix: the stark whites, the perfectly crafted florals, the lace, the frills, and those horribly weird boots:


White! Lace!



Truly, the peak of feminine fashion. This has me near tears for some reason? Wow.





Alongside these gorgeous pieces came feminine, soft, angelic makeup. Brushes of pastels, shimmering whites, and highlighted pinks came into play on nearly every model’s face, teetering the boundary between superfemme and tomboy – the very essence that gives Chanel its legacy.


Gemma Ward’s Angelic Glow

One brush, one product; the height of simplicity lives in this makeup. Despite its effortlessness, the impact is strong. I am absolutely obsessed with the variety of intensity; light strokes on the face, heavier pigmentation on the eyes.

Truly, I cannot think of a model more iconic to me than Gemma Ward. This is partly due to the fact that my 2003-6 love of fashion paralleled with the height of her career, but as a child, Gemma was everything in my eyes. Her babyfaced look resonated with me, her blonde hair matched mine, and she was wearing the clothes of designers I could only dream of. She remains one of my biggest beauty icons, subconsciously or otherwise.

I find myself looking her up more and more nowadays. I kind of laugh at the fact that my makeup is becoming more and more like her classic look of super-wet looking skin – mega-moisture under the chin, tops of the cheekbones, and shimmering inner eye corners. I’ve mentioned before that looking “wet” is my main goal in many of my makeups; it’s not surprising when you consider what influenced me as a kid.


Lily Cole’s Dreamy Pastels

Yes! Blown out pastels! This is such a LOOK. I always laugh at people who think palettes need a “transition shade” or what have you – so many eye looks can be done with literally one shade. JUST ONE! I love the  concept of eyeshadow being applied outside of the eye and I love the concept of “blush everywhere” even more. It’s so dainty and pretty.

EVERYONE was obsessed with Lily Cole back in the day. She has such a Venuslike air to her, I love it.



My interpretation, of course, is nothing worthy of a runway, but it does make me feel as light and airy as the show conveyed. I utilized both of the main principles into this look – rather than a white glimmer, I applied a pastel one. In this case I used baby blue, my all-time favorite pastel. All I did for my lips was dip them into a the creme side of a blush duo, then used its powder counterpart to flush my cheeks, chin, and outer eyes (and managed to not look terribly 80’s, which was quite the accomplishment!). No mascara was used because I didn’t want to harshen the effect.

Key Products:


Runway impacts me in a way that no other style of makeup can. Aside from the aforementioned reasons, it’s (mostly) effortless looking, which convinces me that it’s ideal for everyday. While that theory is highly debateable, the days I look the most done up are typically my quickest makeup days.

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