100 Days of Makeup – Day 9: What’s Your Favorite Color?

Oh wow – it’s been around a week since I’ve posted! Unfortunately, I’ve had an extremely rough week filled with depressive episodes and lack of motivation. Thankfully, however, I am surrounded by wonderful people that have the ability to get me out of these horrid spaces, but I still needed the self-encouragement to create, which I have now.

Onto some good news: I have FINALLY moved into my new apartment! I feel super relieved, and spent the majority of my time building my new vanity/desk/mainly vanity + PHOTO STATIONNNNN! I’m so beyond excited to start taking more professional, ~blog worthy~ pictures; I am a small, teeny tiny photography buff, so this is going to be a really fun addition to my work that I hope you all enjoy!



And now, the makeup:

As you can probably tell, I’m quite obsessed with the color pink. In all of its forms, pink is just such a pretty, versatile, amazing color that makes my heart happy! While I’m not one to be extremely trendy, Millennial Pink is absolutely poppin’ at the moment (and for the past 900 moments), and I can’t get enough of it. Aside from the baby variety, hot pink, Barbie pink, blue-pink – any variation of the color and I am all over it.



Pink AND baby blue? Pantone is shaking in their boots!



PONY EFFECT Ultimate Prep Primer – Original

APRILSKIN Magic Snow Cushion – Shade 22 / my review

MEMEBOX I’m Multi Stick Shading – Luster Bronzing / my review

HOLIKA HOLIKA x GUDETAMA Jelly Dough Blusher – Plum Pink / my review


SUGARPILL Pressed Eyeshadow – Dollipop

PONY EFFECT Matte Master Palette – Spellbound + Whisper


ROMAND Juicy Lasting Tint – Dragon Pink / my review


Too Cool For School Glam Rock Urban Chic Eyebrow Pencil – #2

Too Cool For School Glam Rock Urban Brow – Natural Brown


Today’s look was brought to you by Korean beauty for the most part, sure, but the main star of the show is, undoubtedly, Sugarpill’s Dollipop – the world’s most perfect pink eyeshadow:





I’ve had this shadow (and the majority of Sugarpill’s permanent collection…) since I was about 17 and have implemented it into so, so, so many looks. The versatility of this shade is inspiring! I’ll use it for blush occasionally, add a touch to my smokey eyes for some pop, or use it as liner. My favorite way to use it is to just smother it all over my eyeballs, though. The more concentration of pink goodness, the happier I am!

I love seeing this lil’ lady on so many of my favorite drag queens, mainly Trixie Mattel. A fellow obsessive of all things pink and excessively girly, I often see her using the shade on her eyes and cheeks.


Disclaimer: this could totally not be Dollipop, but I’m pretty sure it is.


Today, I used it all over the lid and smoothed out the edges with the mentioned Pony Effect shadows. It was insanely quick to do – around 5-10 minutes – with very minimal effort and brushes.

With a difficult few weeks past me, I’m glad I can continue the week with a fresh, positive mindset. In the color psych world, pink represents hope, unconditional love, and nurturing. Perhaps I made the decision to wear my favorite color subconsciously as a symbol of renewal and happiness? Self-care is important and I express myself mainly through my beauty routine, so it wouldn’t be awfully surprising.


Let me know your favorite color – both in general and in makeup. Monochromatic looks are fun and cute!

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