REVIEW: CLIO Nudism Water-Grip Cushion

I impulse-purchased CLIO’s Nudism Water-Grip Cushion on Amazon. It was a beautiful 3 A.M.

At this point, CLIO is known for their constant complexion product releases. They have a copious amount of products catering to nearly every skin issue – from dryness to oiliness, high to low coverage, chances are you’ll find a CLIO foundation that works for you. Personally, I am wildly obsessed with the KILL COVER Highest Wear Foundation. Oddly enough, I had never tried their cushions, so I decided to opt for their most popular of releases. Every review I’ve seen has been mostly positive, so I’m looking forward to seeing how it works on my relatively dry, not-much-coverage-required skin.

Let’s get started –


Straight from CLUBCLIOUSA:

  • “Natural coverage that mimics a bare face”
  • “Lightweight, moisturizing single-layer adherence with the nourishing power of moisture.”
  • “Calculated Nude: Nudism, a natural nude science that covers anything that needs to be covered but does not seem covered.”
  • “Moisturizing Formula: Cushion technology that blasts moisture immediately after pressing the hive mesh.”
  • “Moisture Fitting: Powerful moisture adherence that looks like the skin by delivering a perfect ‘fit’ and cool.”

After reading this, I’m basically expecting my dream cushion. Moisturizing, yet no sliding or transfer? Natural, second-skin looking coverage? Glow-enhancing AND cooling? PLEASE let it be so! My current fave-ever cushion (The Face Shop’s Ultra Moist CC) still has its flaws (althought VERY miniscule and VERY few), so I can’t wait to see if this beats it – even if I have to give up the ultra-cute Kakao case.


In classic CLIO-style extraneousness, the exterior packaging is huge. Basically an entire ad campaign in a box, the left side reads its claims while the right beautifully displays the cushion and its refill. I’m not complaining, though – it’s gorgeous. Pretty, soft, millennial pink tones surround the exterior with clean, simple text. While there’s tons of information to read, it doesn’t look busy, making it a really enjoyable experience.

FullSizeRender-4Me: yeah I read books

Let’s get to the good stuff: the cushion’s case. WOW. It’s STUNNING. It’s a matte, baby pink case with a frosted glass-like effect. The text contrasts with white in a clean, easy-to-read typeface. Easily the prettiest cushion I own.


My favorite part? The texture. Seriously, this case is fidget-worthy. It’s so soft.

While gorgeous, this is one of, if not THE hardest cushions to open. I found myself properly struggling; maybe it’s a manufacturer’s error, but wow – I’m actually using my acrylics to pry it open.

Inside The Compact

(TRIGGER WARNING: If you have Trypophobia, or fear of clusters of holes, please skip this. I’m serious. I don’t even have it and I got kind of squeamish.)

Okay, no offense to CLIO – does this have to look so damn gross? Why am I disgusted? Why does it have to look like THIS? It looks SO nasty. What’s the point? It’s mesh over a cushion… just have the cushion and go. R&D could’ve gone to much better use than to trigger the masses. Even Dr. Pimple Popper wouldn’t be able to handle this.

I’m so sorry

Apparently, the purpose of the mesh is to hold “moisture essence particles” so, when pressed, blends with the foundation to create the moisturizing formula. The cushion-using world has lived without it and wasn’t asking for it, so this better be good.

First Impression

As I do with every new cushion, I didn’t use a primer (I like to see the product’s full potential) and applied it directly over my dried-down skincare.

The first thing I noticed when I applying it was the scent. It smells SO GOOD. Like hydrating skincare that’s labeled “watery” – very similar to the Belif’s Aqua Bomb, which is probably my favorite scent of all time.

Here’s what it looks like on. Keep in mind I JUST had a chemical peel, so I’m a bit scaly along the upper lip and chin area:


It’s important to note that the honeycomb pattern transfers from the puff to your face, so quick blending is imperative. It takes a minute to fully blend, but it’s worth it; it really does have a natural-looking, second-skin finish. It wasn’t TOO dewy, but that’s fine – the purpose is to look like real skin, and like real skin it does. Still, I have always preferred to look wet, so it’s a bit of a drawback.

3 Hour Check-In:

Is this really the cushion everyone was raving about? Am I crazy?

This broke down like hell. There was buildup around my nose, and the divets above my eyebrows had absolutely no product on. Still, I noticed zero transfer, which is wildly impressive for a cushion. I loved that.

After some mist, it looked a bit more… regular, but for a product that claims hydration as its #1 selling point, I shouldn’t have to do that.


REALLY easy, and made my foundation look new again. I’ve learned the key is consistent misting – so long as you keep the product moisturized, it looks nice.

Does it live up to the claims?

  • Moisture: Eh. For a product that claims to be super-moisturizing, I really can’t say it lived up to the test.
  • Single-layer adhesion: Absolutely! It really does take very little to get a decent amount of coverage. Although I don’t typically layer my cushions, I did notice how quickly I could put this on.
  • Nude-like effect: Yes. I really can’t notice a difference between my regular skin
  • Perfect fitting: Sure? I’m not the best person to ask – I am a pasty ghost, so Korean shades are usually a really nice fit for me.
  • Stays-put: 100%. It doesn’t slip n’ slide like nearly every other cushion I’ve tried, even when I rubbed my finger along it.



  • Packaging. OOF. I love this packaging.
  • Not sticky – it really stays put even though it has “hydrating” (NOTE THE QUOTES) properties.
  • No transfer!
  • Heavenly scent – ohhhhhh man.


  • Shade range. As per usual, there are only 3 basically-interchangeable shades within the product line.
  • Scary delivery system – I will have nightmares about it.
  • Hard as hell to open, but I’m almost positive it’s just my case that has that issue.
  • A bit smaller than average cushions – 12g vs an average of 15g – not too significant but enough to note.

There’s a lot to be said when packaging and scent is my favorite aspect of a product. I really wanted to adore this, especially with the massive popularity it gained in Korea – typically I have the same wants and desires as the Korean/overall Asian cosmetic market in terms of makeup, which is why I tend to aim for their products, but this one just did not do enough for me to say I recommend it. Oh well, at least I have a new fidget to play with!

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