Yet Another Cushion Flop: MERBLISS Wedding Bouquet Water Cover Cushion

Packaging, am I right guys?

Once again, I have been played a FOOL by marketing and my own impulsivity. Living in K-town most definitely has its perks beauty-wise: accessibility to road shops (shoutout to Nature Republic on Wilshire/Western), loads of beauty within American drugstores, and endless nail salons, dermatologists, and facialists at too-good-to-be-true prices.

This comes at a price, however; in my case, it was $42.

I’m on the hunt for another holy grail cushion – my current is The Face Shop’s Ultra Moist CC Cushion – and I truly thought this could be the one. It had wonderful promises: moisturizing, long-lasting, full coverage. Like many trendy cushions, this has “water technology” or whatever, basically insinuating that you’ll stay moisturized and hydrated all day. The kicker, though? SMALLER PORES. Yes, this cushion actually promises reduced pore size. My The Face Shop holy grail has been the only cushion that has dramatically reduced my pore size upon application, so I was beyond ready to see what this had to offer.

Let’s be honest, though – I was sold by the packaging. It’s baby pink. It’s SPARKLY?! And there’s an adorable dress on it?


Listen. I was hyping this up before I even tried it.

But then I tried it.

Then, I tried it again.

And again.


Today was the last straw – I was deceived by the initial beautiful finish it gives – really, it’s so pretty. I look glowing, skin smooth, makeup on point:

Screen Shot 2017-11-02 at 2.20.52 PM.png

Pretty! Shiny! Pores GONE!

Then an hour passes by. Like feeding a gremlin after midnight, my skin turned into a scaly, scary mess. The glow is gone, my peach fuzz is weirdly pronounced, and my face feels pasty. It breaks down like CRAZY.

Oh, and what about my pores, you ask?


They’re not only back, but bigger than ever. They just renewed their 2-year residency in Vegas. I have pores that weren’t visible before appearing. I never, EVER have issues with pore size on my nose bridge/forehead, but apparently I do now!

Even weirder, my flaked off mascara doesn’t just come off with a simple flick – instead, they melt into the cushion, causing a big black splotch on my face.

I really thought Clio’s Nudism cushion was the worst thing I’d ever tried. Apparently, Merbliss’ product development team read my review and asked someone to hold their beer. They do share similar claims with that weird ~moisture delivery~ system, so perhaps I need to hold off on the hope that cushions can also be skincare?

My experience in Korean beauty has taught me never to knock it until I try it. Well, I tried it and I’m knocking it.

Sorry, Merbliss Wedding Dress Water Cover Cushion – I want a divorce.

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