I Like This Nature Republic Mascara

Nothing really impresses me about Nature Republic’s makeup. I’m not trying to be shady, I’m just being truthful: everything I’ve ever tried from them has lacked /something/. The only thing I’ve actually enjoyed has been their cushion highlighter, but it’s nothing horribly special still.

Fast forward to a desperate, tired, over-it me, fresh off the train. I’m tired, I’d had a shitty day at school, and I can’t be bothered walking a mile back home, even if it’s the only thing separating me from my bed. The Nature Republic store was closer – literally 2-3 footsteps away from the station.

I was exhausted and was in need of cotton pads; naturally, a browsing sesh was in order. I looked at makeup, skincare, and hair care, but ultimately decided on the Ultra Mascara in “Curling”.


Mascara seems to never fail me; besides, this was only $4, so I figured it wouldn’t be a total loss if it were as sub-par as the rest of their color cosmetics.

I always surprise myself with how much I end up liking mascaras. Turns out, it’s REALLY nice.


Like… they aren’t joking when they mean curling, first of all. Even looking slightly upwards caused my lashes to comb through my eyebrows; they’re so lifted. It’s amazing and makes my eyeballs look massive.

 I love the more “natural” effect it gives than most mascaras. While it’s extremely curling and gives a doll-like effect to the eyes, it doesn’t have an overly-mascara’ed look, which I appreciate in everyday makeups where my look is more understated:



Where to buy:

There’s a “Volume” option too, if that’s your style. I’ve seen it online for around $8 on YesStyle & $3.50 on Korea Depart, and I definitely recommend picking one up during your next online shopping trip.

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