My Latest Skincare Obsessions (Yes, it’s all K-Beauty)

In terms of my work, I’m not much of a skincare writer, and I’m fine with that – there are so many writers that can elaborate much better than I can regarding this kind of stuff, and it’s a blessing that I am able to learn from these people.

I am, however, very much a skincare addict. I love discussing skincare, ingredients, effects, everything under the sun. When I find a product I like, I want to tell the entire world. Here’s my best attempt:

Elisha Coy Moist Up Hyalurone Ampoule Toner, $9.99

I love this toner. A lot. The ingredients are top-notch and purely made up of:

  • Plant extracts: Lily Extract, Water Lily Extract, Iris Extract, Lactobacillus, Buddleja Extract, Thyme Extract, Bromelain, Chestnut Shell Extract
  • 3 different types of water: Alps Glacier Water, Germany Nordenau Water, France Celtic Water
  • Super-hydrating goodness: Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamin E

If you can’t tell from the ingredients list, it’s incredibly mild. I’m usually skeptical about non-chemical toners, but I feel perfectly hydrated and notice my products absorbing in much better than if I had used solely an alternative. It feels more like a light serum (hence “ampoule toner”, I guess) rather than the super-intense, exfoliating prep that I am so used to, but not so thick that I can’t layer my essence immediately afterward.

I’d obviously recommend this to those with dry skin, but it would work really well with oily skin, too – everyone needs a good hydration session.

innisfreemistInnisfree Jeju Lava Seawater Mist, $13.50

This one may be a bit silly, but hear me out: the smell of this mist alone is worth every penny you spend on this. I can’t explain it – it’s just so relaxing and spa-like, not perfumey at all and truly takes me to a calming place.

Aside from the take-me-to-heaven scent, I prefer to use this on light makeup days. It’s relatively heavy and kind of oily(?), so it works best when I’m not wearing layers on layers of makeup. It’s mega-moisturizing so I can put it on during/after my skincare routine, before a sheet mask… hell, I mist my body with it sometimes. Anything for that scent!

3CE White Milk Sleeping Mask, $25.60

I don’t want to be whiter, nor does anyone else need to be. What this does, though, is incredible for rosacea flare-ups. I go to bed splotchy and dull; I wake up with the most even, stunning skin I have ever had. I notice myself wearing such a little amount of base makeup compared to when I don’t use this.

P.S. this is totally brown and black-skin friendly; “whitening” is a really overused, overhyped term in the asian beauty space, but it really just means evening and brightening the skin – you won’t turn white, and these products contain zero dangerous, carcinogenic, skin-lightening ingredients.

Cosrx AHA/BHA Clarifying Treatment Toner, $16.00

Two toners are on this list, I know.

I’m just saying, though: combining this with the previously mentioned Elisha Coy toner is THE BEST. I focus this on the parts of my face with larger pores – my cheeks, nose, and chin – and saturate each area with a half-cotton pad laying on my face a-la-sheet mask. While that’s soaking in, I go along the uncovered areas of my face with the moisturizing toner.

Since using this, I’ve noticed smaller, tighter pores and less bumpy buildup. It doesn’t leave my skin completely stripped, either – if anything, I have more hydrated skin, so I still have a nice base to layer on the rest of my product.

Still confused about layering skincare? Check out my daytime skin routine for some additional tips, tricks, and info on skincare steps.

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