Impulse Buys: Too Cool for School Art Class by Rodin (Shading)

If you’re on any level of paleness, you know that finding the perfect contour shade is near-impossible. It’s a wild world of bronzers and too-orange shades out there; even worse, these products can retail up to $40, making much-needed experimentation way less exciting and very daunting.

My preferred contouring shades range from brown gray to straight gray. My all-time fave is the perfect combo of the two: M.A.C.’s Next To Skin blush has been my go-to on days where I feel like adding some additional shadows and contortion on my face. Unfortunately, this was a limited edition shade, so I need an alternative to console me when I eventually hit pan.

TCFS’s option is obviously a hot item within the K-Beauty space – it’s a light shade and has a perfect combo of warmth and cooling shadows that create ideal, skinlike shadows on the face. The 3-shade pan is a smart alternative to lugging around a massive contour palette, especially for non-makeup artists who just need shades for their own face and tone. The main reason I bought this was the maintenance of cool tones within the range of light-to-dark shades. That way, the warm-to-cool ratio is consistent within every shade I pick.


Like most of my impulse buys, I purchased this contour compact on Amazon. The <$20 price point is also a major bonus – that’s usually how Asian beauty gets me, anyway *cries*.

I’m really excited to try this! I’ll review as soon as I receive it in the mail, probably via Youtube because ~visual aids~. Yay!

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