Here’s What I Do When I Break Out


Well, it happened. I broke out. My strongest efforts to prevent it from happening failed, I have lost this battle, and now it’s time to cope.

My acne is extremely painful; huge, red bumps trace along my jawline and under my chin. It gives me anxiety, triggers me to the point of dissociation, and leaves me low key dysmorphic. Fun!

Think I have a steady, go-to routine that instantly fix this? You thought wrong. I’m a literal mess.

The only consistency in these moments is sheer and utter panic, but here are a few things I did during my last breakout:

Clay Mask


This one’s a given for a lot of folks, but for me it’s a fairly new venture. I tend to stay away from anything meant to dry out the skin, but who am I, anyway? I threw that shit on and hoped for the best.

I used Yes To Tomatoes’ Detoxifying Charcoal DIY Powder-to-Paste Mask, which I received as a freebie in the women’s restroom of the talent section of BeautyCon. It’s exactly how it sounds.

The mixing is extra, but I had lots of fun and was feeling my Easy Bake Oven fantasy concoctin’ my own lil mixture. I slathered it on, left it for 20 minutes, and was actually quite surprised at the results. The big, painful bumps became small/medium, not-painful-at-all bumps. First impression is a 10/10, but I have to try it out a few more times to see if it actually extracts my grossies.

Sheet Mask


Am I a bad person for lowkey hating sheet masks? I straight up hate messes and can’t take all the extra essence. WHAT DO I DO WITH IT?

Still, they really do give excellent results, and I especially enjoy ones with a system: COSRX’s One Step Moisture Up Kit comes with a sample size of their Good Morning Cleanser, one Moisture Up Pad, and a Holy Snails sheet mask. I’m down for anything COSRX, I’m down for anything snail, I’m down for anything dedicated to keeping me moisturized.

This pack works really well – I’m already a fan of the three products individually, so it’s nice to have all 3 in a convenient space where I can depressed-ly apply it from bed as I wait for my acne to disappear.

Overpriced AF Night Mask


Sulwhasoo Overnight Vitalizing Mask is one of the most effective night masks I’ve ever tried. When I’m a mess, she’s there to soothe me. Every time, I wake up with perfect, even skin.

Needless to say, this shit is expensive, so I snagged a sample size from Beautytap and have been living the luxe life every since. I’ve never tried it to assist with acne, so we shall see. Even if it doesn’t work, the rest of my skin will be absolutely poppin’, distracting me from the complete unrest that is my chin and jawline.

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