What I’ve Been Up To: New Year, New Blog

2018 has already been a year of changes for me. With a major surgery (abdominoplasty to be exact — a post re: my experience to come very soon!) already under my belt, I feel the need to not only completely clear out any negative, unnecessary and unwanted parts of my life, but to expand on those thing that I already love.

While beauty writing maintains a solid place in my heart, I want to bring more of what I love to my blog — mainly fashion, health, and lifestyle. There is so much more to be shared, and I thank you all for not only reading, but letting me expand past BB and the Cushion.

While short lived, BB and the Cushion was a fun venture. Worry not: talking K-beauty remains one of my all-time favorite topics to discuss and will never leave this space. Stay tuned for lots of palette reviews!


Yes, it’s the 28th. No, that doesn’t mean it’s too late to re-vamp my blog into something more personal, and something that makes me happy. Welcome to I Look Like This, a personal blog that discuss beauty (obviously!), fashion, health, travel, and lifestyle. I am SO excited to start this journey with you all!

With love,


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