My classics: bunny sneakers

I know it’s not just me when I say this: there’s nothing better than a worn-in, slipper-like shoe. It’s why we tend to stick to classics; knowing you got incredible use out of your money spent is wildly satisfying.

Making style choices based on what you like could seem impractical or unrealistic. It’s fair to hesitate — especially when asked where you’re going to wear it. Here’s the thing: where wouldn’t you wear them?


I can’t recall the style name — I literally googled every and any variation of “Baldi”, “bunny”, “rabbit”, and “shoe”

Today, I wore these bad boys by BALDI. They’re silly and a little corny, but these are my some of my most-worn, favorite sneakers. They’ve been on trips, school lab days where “comfortable shoes” are required, and various other excursions. They’re some of my go-to pairs when I need a neutral, and have a pop of pink — one of my favorite colors.


Appointments and small tasks filled my day today; nothing but an old AF pair of denim shorts and crewneck sweater played as my complementing pieces. Having a fun, whimsical version of plain ol’ tennis shoes furthered my sense of readiness and brought me unrealistic amounts of joy on what would had been a mundane day.

In a world where we are forced to buy everything required to live and function, the opportunity to express yourself is a — albeit very, very small — silver lining. As a visually-directed person, finding cute or fun versions of everyday items is one of the few ways I manage to keep myself sane.



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