fool proof makeup: what i wear on my face every day

As much as I love to sit in front of the mirror perfecting every last detail of my beat, I’ve come to realize that I just don’t have the time. At the end of the day, I just want to look awake, present, and pretty.

Here’s my personal curation of makeup that’s on-the-go, easy, and effective:

RMS Beauty — “Un” Cover Up


I never thought I’d be a “i don’t even wear foundation!” type of girl, but here we are. RMS has truly changed how I approach makeup.

My response to the age-old what makeup product could you never live without? question has always been “foundation”.  I justified the answer with the fact that nothing will blend out to my skin’s natural tone, and I hate wearing point makeup without some sort of base.

Everything about that answer changed the moment I tried this.  I’ve always enjoyed the look of my real skin poking through makeup, but rocking completely bare skin is something new to me. This blends into my skin so seamlessly that I usually just spot treat my trouble areas (under my eyes, center of the nose, above the brows) and the occasional pimple/dark spot.


While I still adore foundation of all types + love testing new formulas, this little pot is just so easy and pretty. Plus, it works even better when applied with fingers > a brush or sponge — can you even imagine?

Glossier — Boy Brow


After being absolutely in love with Into The Gloss for years (and idolizing every move Emily Weiss makes), I finally tried Glossier. I now regret not trying it earlier, and Boy Brow is why.

This does exactly what I need: fills, shapes, tints, and fluffs. It’s really such a perfect product. I’ve used it every single day since I’ve owned it, as well as converted some friends onto it.


I’m also a huge pencil girl when it comes to brows; in those instances, it becomes the perfect top coat + finisher. Generally, though, I just want the extremely effortless effect it gives me by itself.

Paul & Joe — Lipstick CS


I’ll be honest: I only bought this because of the adorable cat bullet (which I’ve totally ruined). And the just-as-adorable case options (they’re customizable). Still, I’ve come to truly love this lippie for its moisturizing, glossy properties. It’s a pH-matching formula, so I always end up with a really muted fuchsia that looks super clean.

Oddly enough, this is also my secret weapon in turning any lip tint or matte lipstick glossy. Once dried, I just swipe it over to reveal a really gorgeous, glossing finish without staining the bullet or affecting the color underneath.

Etude House — Ion Water Coconut Hydrating Serum Mist


Coconut in products can seem awfully daunting (i.e. please don’t use coconut oil as a moisturizer), but this is a totally different ballgame.

I can’t really explain it, but my skin loves this stuff. It works perfectly as a setting spray; I could have 9,000 pounds of powder on and 2 spritz could make me look like a hydrated, glowing goddess.

I’ve used this almost daily since purchasing it in Seoul. I’m almost all out and absolutely praying this is in stock when I’m back.


I’ve found myself using this combo for more than just “everyday makeup”; pairing soft, hydrated skin with a strong eye has quickly become of my favorite combos + allows me to experiment with color more often.

Let me know your everyday faves~ I wanna know!



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