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I know: I literally just wrote about how I never wear foundation anymore. However, I just spent ~5 days traveling across the country with little regard to skincare, so it’s safe to say my skin isn’t in the greatest condition. My parched + marked up skin has required I wear foundation in my everyday makeup routine again, and I’m lowkey grateful? Let me explain:

I started wearing my old fave, Josie Maran’s Vibrancy Argan Oil Foundation Fluid again. As it turns out, this is the actual foundation of my dreams.

It matches my skin tone perfectly. I’m a pretty pale girl (M.A.C. NW10), so it’s difficult to find my shade, let alone an undertone that doesn’t scream “Patrick Star pink”. My shade, Dynamic, is just the right shade of not-pink-at-all-but-still-not-too-yellow pale that I needed. It’s the literal color of my skin.

Just LOOK at that neck-to-face similarity. We love an iPhone selfie sesh!:


L: natural lighting R: artificial lighting.

Unlike most foundations I try, it’s a dream to wear. It spreads out evenly, gives buildable + natural coverage, and hydrates my skin. It’s unrealistically comfortable and just feels like I have my regular skincare on, just with an additional hydrating step.

It looks soft, plump, and like I’m glowing from within. I don’t know if it’s the oil component of the product, but it definitely gives my skin the effect of somebody who has the time and disposable income to drench themselves in luxurious oils.

It lasts forever. One particularly memorable moment was when I was waiting in line for the BTS concert (cuties!) in New Jersey. The 30-something degree weather (-1 for my non-U.S. folks) was NOT getting along with my already dry, rosacea-ridden skin throughout the week — until I put this on. Somehow, my skin managed to withstand hours of freezing, windy weather + a two hour concert in a hot stadium and still look good afterward!

It’s the perfect balance between hydration and all-day wear. It looks great with and without a setting powder. Makeup layers beautifully on top of it. Just… everything.


Shade Range:

11057857_10153272310401246_2276311202941868201_ofrom Josie Maran Cosmetics’s Official Facebook

This handy lil’ guide even gives you the corresponding Sephora Color IQ, oooh!:




Screen Shot 2018-02-14 at 1.58.50 AM


I would never use pure coconut oil on my face, but Coconut Alkanes/coconut products seem to always work really well on me (such as RMS’ “Un” Cover Up & Etude House’s Ion Water Coconut Hydrating Serum Mist). See what works for your skin! $45 is a *beep*-ton of money, so opt for a sample before committing to the heavy price tag if you don’t know how your skin responds to coconut.

If you’re looking to test the brand’s famed Argan Oil, just get the straight up oil. It may sound like an appealing, 2-in-1 deal, but there isn’t nearly enough in this foundation to let you experience the full effects of the oil. If you’re looking for a healthy-looking, plumping, buildable foundation that gives an oil-like effect and is also extremely comfortable, give this a shot.



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