my favorite cushion for dry skin

There are so many cushions that promise beautiful, dewy skin. To be honest, I probably haven’t even touched the surface of what’s out there, but I do know I’ve tried enough to have a holy grail.

Screen Shot 2018-02-19 at 9.55.57 PM.png

The Face Shop’s Ultra Moist CC is that cushion for me. The product inside is just GORGEOUS.  It’s lightweight, blends perfectly into my skin, and fills in my pores like no other. It makes me look plump, soft, and hydrated — what more could I possibly ask for?

IMG_1433 2

V103 is my regular, everyday shade

As for CC cream-type properties, it does an excellent job at covering up my redness and dark circles, leaving a beautiful + glowing complexion.

My current shade is V103 Pure Beige. Still, I have 3 different shades just in case I happen to slightly change in skintone, want to contour, or mix and match. Despite my constant testing of cushion products, I’ve happily gone through multiple refills of this.

I swear the cute Kakao Ryan compact is just a bonus. It’s almost as if The Face Shop knew to put my favorite boy with my favorite makeup 🙁

Where to get it

It’s relatively difficult to find this outside of physical The Face Shop stores, but YesStyle carries the regular, non-Kakao Friends version for ~$20, as well as cushion refills for ~$13. Happy glowin’!



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