3ce glossing waterful foundation

Glossy, glassy skin is now easily achievable with the help of 3CE.

L: artificial train station lighting R: natural lighting

3CE’s Glossing Waterful Foundation is what dewy-skinned dreams are made of. This product is truly glorious. Ideal for everyday, this is the perfect light coverage foundation — my redness was nearly gone, but I still had life to my face. My skin was nicely hydrated upon application and I never experienced dryness.

Products layer like butter over this stuff. It’s gorgeous worn alone or when set with powder; both methods leave my skin hydrated and soft.

I highly recommend this for dry skin. This may be a biiiit too intense if you’re oily/combination.

how to apply —

For watery foundation, I prefer a dense, kabuki-style foundation brush; I’m currently using Sigma’s 3DHD Kabuki.

Start by concentrating the product to the center of the face — under the eyes, chin, and forehead specifically — and spread toward the perimeter and into the hairline.

For a natural, flushed appearance, apply whatever product is left on the brush to the nose. This will provide a super light amount of coverage , allowing your natural rosiness to shine through.

where to find it —

You can buy this at Beautytap for $39.70.

Keep in mind that the shade range of this is absolute garbage. Literally every shade is the same, but if you happen to fit within it, give this a shot. If you don’t, worry not! NARS’ Sheer Glow Foundation gives a similar effect with a little less moisture and a tinge more coverage.



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