mecca cosmetica in a good light tinted moisturiser

If I could choose any non-Korean brand to be more accessible to us in the States, it would be MECCA COSMETICA.

Created by MECCA, the be-all, end-all in Australian luxury beauty curation, MECCA COSMETICA is a line for those who want to keep beauty simple, but enjoy the benefits of hi-tech science in their skincare”.

Within the collection is their In A Good Light Tinted Moisturiser, a complexion-perfecting, multi-use complexion product with some serious skincare benefits.

Packed with beneficial, anti-aging ingredients like Hyaluronic Acid and antioxidants like Pomegranate Extract, this moisturizer treats the skin while giving a gorgeous, natural luminosity. Vitamin E soothes skin and ensures no irritation for all-day wear, while its SPF of 30 provides extra protection throughout the day. The tube + pump packaging is one of my favorites, as it’s convenient as hell for travel.

This is a tinted moisturizer in its truest form, meaning that it’s not going to give you the high coverage, full-glam look many western “skincare-but-makeup” products promise. It doesn’t layer to a higher coverage and it won’t cover every imperfection you have.


That, however, is the beauty of this product. The lightest coverage I’ve ever used, it has an incredibly lightweight, whipped texture that feels almost dry upon application, making it an ideal mixer for complexion products that are a bit too light.

While I’d usually hate the orangey-tan tone of this (the shade PORCELAIN is still a tad too dark for me), it actually ends up being the perfect primer for any look I want to warm up. If I’m eyeing a sun-kissed effect, I immediately go for this. Skincare + multi-purpose makeup? I’M ALL IN.

How I Apply It —

As A Primer: Start with 1-2 pumps of product on the back of your hand. Using clean fingers or a dense foundation brush, apply evenly across the entire face. Wear alone or continue with the rest of your complexion routine.

As A Mixer: Using a 1:1 ratio, mix foundation and moisturizer to create a glowing finish. For additional warmth, add additional moisturizer.

I’ve been really enjoying this product. I may even try the next shade up and see how much more it warms up my complexion products.



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