3 steps to rocking cream blush — no matter what your skin type

They’re found on the “Products I Hate” videos of influencers everywhere, the SALE section of your favorite beauty shops, and the bottom of many a makeup junkie’s drawers: today, we’re going to learn how to love and appreciate cream blush.

Cream blush is, without a doubt, the most misunderstood makeup product in the WORLD. It’s upsetting, yet 100% understandable to see a product so beautiful, so effortlessly perfect be so disliked by the beauty community: you have to ditch pretty much all powder — an act considered near-sacreligious for many beauty junkies. Believe me, though: no makeup product will give you a flushed, alive, natural-skin effect (in literally seconds, FYI) like cream blush will. It just won’t.

It’s game-changing. It’s life-making.

Once mastered, you’ll be hard pressed to go back to anything else for your everyday, “my face but better” makeup. Here’s how:

Find Your Formula

Like any other makeup product, cream blushes come in a variety of textures and finishes:

Solid: probably the most traditional of the bunch — thick, intensely-pigmented creams in pot or stick form. Ideal for dry skin. Think NARS The Multiple or Holika Holika’s Jelly Dough Blusher.

Liquid: Runnier in consistency, these usually come in squeeze tubes or doe-foot applicators in a more whipped or gel-like texture (as seen inGlossier’s Cloud Paint or Innisfree’s Petal Blusher) and are good for all skin types.

Cushion: this formula comes in — duh — a cushion compact. Nearly every K-Beauty brand has released a cushion blush, resulting in a HUGE variety of finishes and textures. This allows for anyone to find a formula suitable for their skin type.

If you’re not totally married to the idea yet, using creamy lipsticks works just as well — just opt for a satin, creamy finish to avoid patchiness.

Prime Accordingly

Canvas is everything when working with cream makeup. You want a well-moisturized, smooth base to lay down the blush, but nothing too slippery so the products can’t adhere to your skin.

Since most cream blushes look best without powder, skin prep is going to be especially important for oily skin types. A sebum-controlling primer, such as A’pieu’s Start Up Pore Primer, will ensure products stay on longer.

Dry skin types run the risk of patchy application. Reaching for a glow-promoting or hydrating primer, likeVDL’s Lumilayer Primer, will assist in even application.


The same principles goes for foundation: whatever your preferred coverage, though, opt for a thinner formula, like 3CE’s Glossing Waterful Foundation or a CC cream.

Hands-On Approach

I’m a total beauty tool obsessive and fully appreciate the value of a high-quality brush or beauty sponge. Still, my favorite way to apply my creamy products is with my hands. Using the warmth of your (clean!) fingers to blend the product will result in a gorgeous, diffused effect within seconds.

To do this, I pick up a significant amount of product with my index and middle fingertips. Using tapping motions, I blend the blush until it looks seamless, starting at the tops of my cheeks. The time spent blending, the more skinlike it appears.

For a super-flushed, glowy effect, apply the same blush on the center of your lips and eyelids, blending with your ring finger.

Seriously, just put it everywhere. Cream blush is that versatile and perfect.



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