I Tried The Made-In-Korea YSL Cushion — Is It Worth It?

I’m back in Seoul, and this time I decided to take my beauty shopping to the next level: on total impulse, I bought YSL’s Le Cushion Encre Fusion Ink Foundation.


Yikes, right? In the nation of inexpensive, high-quality makeup, I managed to spend $75 on just one cushion. ONE! With zero product research!

To make matters worse, it doesn’t even come with a refill. Still, the packaging obsessive in me completely took over and was sold at the sleek, beautiful compact and big promises (from YSLBeauty.com):

“Feels like a feather; fuses like an ink. Master of foundation innovation, YSL Beauty rewrites the rules with its first first ink-in-cushion application and takes beauty’s most talked about cushion tool one step further. An inkwell for skin that paints a long-lasting, fresh, luminous shine-free finish with high coverage.”

To be honest, I did suffer some buyer’s remorse after reading the product claims — I have dry skin and loathe matte formulas, so anything that claims to be “shine-free” is my mortal enemy. I came into this try-on completely skeptical, if not 100% negative. $75 for a cushion? NO refill? In a matte finish? On MY dry skin? Yeah, I don’t know about all that. I was ready to drag YSL through the mud.

Listen: I wanted so badly to hate this. Like, really hate this. Despite how much my bougie self loves fashion house makeup, I was actually kind of excited to write my scathing review of yet another high-end brand piggybacking on the success of Korean cushions, just to give us a mediocre product for three times the price.


Well, folks, it ain’t gonna be like that at all because oh shit, my skin looks INCREDIBLE in this. It’s kind of ridiculous how much I feel myself whenever I wear this. It’s color correction, dermal filler, and fraxel laser in a compact. My redness was gone, skin brightened and plumped, and pores dramatically minimized. It’s transformable, too — I’m a big fan of luminous primers and sunscreens, so I don’t have experience the ultra-matte, shine-free formula YSL promises if I don’t want to. It works well with every primer I’ve tried and leaves my skin looking crazy luminous.

The best part? It’s 1,000% transfer resistant and lasts all day. I’ve been wearing this every day for hours on end and have yet to experience any breaking down or dry patches. Seriously, I’m in awe.

While there is some serious room for improvement, this cushion comes in *gasp* six shades, which is way more than the average Korean foundation range. It’s relatively inclusive, too: for reference, I’m an N13 and wear B10 Porcelain. The deepest shade, B60 Amber, would match a NW43/NC45.

The actual cushion wasn’t really anything special when considering the advancements made in cushion technology, but the quality of the formula totally makes up for it. As somebody who appreciates the low-price, high-quality factor of Korean cosmetics, I initially felt really silly purchasing this. My anxiety has definitely been calmed down after putting it to the test. This is absolutely worth every penny if you decide to splurge.



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