this product combo will make you look like a living, breathing facetune filter

I have been obsessed with both MAC Strobe Cream and Kevyn Aucoin’s Sensual Skin Enhancer separately for years at this point. Since the beginning of my beauty-loving career, these two products have been on the top of my faves list.

Strobe Cream is the perfect skin prep, the perfect primer, and the perfect mixer for too-thick foundations. It gives me a surreal, all-over glow without looking overtly fake or highlighted. Sensual Skin Enhancer spreads like a dream, requires a teeny amount to go a long way, and leaves your skin looking photoshopped. It’s a wonder why I didn’t think to mix them before, but SERIOUSLY, THE FINISH IS EVERYTHING.


PRETTY! No highlighter, no added glow. The high points of my face look ridiculously glowy. My bronzer is EFFED and I’m still feeling my look. I can’t! It’s too good! Please try it!

Because I powdered the hell outta this, I didn’t bother using primer underneath. Looking back, though, I would’ve used a pore filling base (3CE’s Pore Balm is LIFEEEEE) to make the look a tad bit cleaner.

Regardless, it’s a look. A shiny, glowy look.



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