glossier’s perfecting skin tint is literally the perfect skin tint


I wish so badly I were being dramatic. Glossier’s Perfecting Skin Tint just made my list of favorite complexion products. Here’s why:


  • I was looking for a an all-over product that could match with my skin’s BFF, RMS’ “Un” Cover Up; blendable, enhances the skin, and lets my natural skin shine through. This tint does e x a c t l y that.
  • It’s so easy to apply. I just rub some between my fingertips and directly apply to the face. No brushes, no hassle. Nice!
  • It literally looks like you have nothingggggg oooooonnnnnn! It does it exactly what it says: evens out discoloration and leaves the skin looking smooth, toned, and dewy.

There’s nothing I love more than a “your ____ but better” look, and I feel like this perfects my routine even more.

L: before, w/ only RMS “Un” Cover Up on my undereyes R: after w/ perfecting skin tint on (& a few other products I’ll mention later hehe)

If your skin gets red to the touch, wait a few seconds after applying to see how it looks on your skin — the coverage is super light, so it’s best to see how it looks on natural, non-irritated skin should you decide to layer it up.

IMG_1608plz excuse my nails… ummmm….

BTW I got one of those 10% off codes after purchase — if you wanna save 10% and give me $10 credit (you can make a link when you inevitably recommend these, too!), click ~here~! I recommend literally every single one of their makeup products (except for the lipsticks or Lidstars, I haven’t tried them yet). I happily recommend this tint and would also consider picking up the cloud paints (i’m wearing “dusk” on the cheeks & lips + also love the shade “beam”), boy brow (my all-time fave brow product), and the lip gloss.



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