This K-Beauty Product is the Perfect CHANEL Dupe

If you’ve been eying the ever-so-elusive Soleil Tan De Chanel but are hesitant to pay the steep price, worry not: Korean beauty’s got you covered.

Soleil Tan De Chanel is on nearly every beauty obsessive’s mental wishlist; from the unique creamy-gel formula to its natural-looking finish, this cool-toned beauty is truly what sunkissed dreams are made of. In true Chanel fashion, however, it’ll cost you a pretty penny: at the steep price of $50, many are hesitant to try the cult classic.

Enter JUNGSAEMMOOL’s Essential Tinted Paste: the be-all, end-all in natural bronzing. The perfect hybrid between powder and cream, this water-infused, lighter-than-air formula works with your skin’s natural tone to give off the perfect amount of color with a watercolor-like finish. Despite the impressive buildability, the need for blending is extremely minimal, making it perfect for on-the-go, quick makeup.

Generally, Korean makeup is marketed in the U.S. as gimmicky, cutely-packaged novelty items never to keep in your permanent collection, let alone your everyday routine. Just a simple YouTube search of “K-beauty” will give you thumbnails of banana-shaped hand creams and Panda-themed collections, completely disregarding the incredible range of high quality, professional cosmetic brands on the market — many of which are available at much lower prices than homegrown, Western brands.

Unlike Chanel’s single shade option, the Essential Tinted Paste comes in two contour shades, Ginger and Tan. While still not at drugstore prices, the $30 price tag is considerably lower than its Chanel counterpart, with all the same effect.

You can find this dreamy compact at Peach and Lily. There’s also some gorrrrgeous blush shades to play around with!




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